I saw a similar question about Channel Form, but I am wondering if there is a way to save a new form response each time a user edits a previous form response with Freeform.

A second related question to this: if I were to duplicate a form, can the form be prepopulated with a user's answers to the first version of the form, then the response be saved as a response to the new form. (The form is a survey that users will be asked to complete annually; we need to save their responses for each year, but we don't want the users to have to fill out the form from scratch each time as the it is lengthy).

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Sure, wrap the freeform:form tag inside freeform:entries and populate the form with the existing data, then when the form is submitted, it will be a new entry. make sure you pass the entry_id in the url and use that to pull the entry in.

  • Thank you Jim for your response. This general method worked beautifully. I do have a follow-up question, though... do you know how to load the values of the previous answers to radio/checkbox/select questions while still making them editable?
    – Amanda
    Feb 15, 2015 at 18:54
  • An example for the above: when I was previously using the standard Freeform edit mode, I would include code like this to determine whether a radio button should be checked: <input name="field_name" id="field_name" value="Yes" type="radio" {if freeform:edit_data:field_name == "Yes"} checked="checked" {/if}> Now, since I have changed "freeform:edit_data" to "freeform:field", it doesn't read the value.
    – Amanda
    Feb 15, 2015 at 19:00

I would like to expand on Jim Wyse's advice, and explain what else I have solved so far and what I am still looking for advice on.

First of all, here is the beginning and end code example to do what Jim suggested (where the entry_id is passed through the url):


<!-- survey questions here -->


Within this setup, I can easily pre-populate the values from the original entry like this:

For regular text field:

  <input id="field_name" name="field_name" 
        value="{freeform:field:field_name}" type="text">

For radio buttons:

  <input id="field_name" name="field_name" value="Yes" type="radio"
        {if '{freeform:field:field_name}' == "Yes"}

For select menu:

  <select id="field_name" name="field_name">
        <option value="field_value"
              {if '{freeform:field:field_name}' == "field_value"}
              {/if}>Field Value

These all work correctly, but by this logic I would expect the following to work for checkboxes (same as radio buttons, but replacing the "==" with "*=" to change "equal to" to "contains"). This, however, causes the page to break and nothing will display.

  <input id="field_name" name="field_name" value="field_value" type="checkbox"
        {if '{freeform:field:field_name}' *= "field_value"}

I am hoping someone else might be able to expand on this to solve the checkbox value problem? Thank you in advance!

  • It turns out that *= (the conditional operator for "contains") was added to Expression Engine in version 2.9.x. So the example I included above for displaying checkbox selections from previous entry in new form will work fine for anyone using that version of Expression Engine.
    – Amanda
    Feb 17, 2015 at 18:38

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