My site lives at something like http://example.com/subdomain/ee. Visiting that site root displays the home page just like I want it to. However, I'm using Structure to output a main navigation like so:

{exp:structure:nav css_class="nav-main" current_class="active" max_depth="1" }

This works great for the most part, except I have a Home link in the main navigation that is the home page, and it's only getting the "active" class if I'm //example.com/subdomain/ee/home, not if I'm at //example.com/subdomain/ee.

I'm relatively new to EE, so I suspect there may be a simple way to fix this. Is there a good way to still use structure to output the primary navigation and have it apply the active class to the "Home" link when on the site root? Is there a better way to approach this than what I'm doing?

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To make this work, in the entry for Home under the structure tab, set the Structure Page URL to "/"

  • Argh, so easy! I'd tried changing the regular URL title (in the Publish tab) to "/", but when I submitted that it reverted back to "home". I could've sworn I tried changing the structure page URL as well, but clearly I didn't since this worked perfectly. Thank you!
    – John O
    Commented Feb 17, 2015 at 1:51

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