I am using Forms 3.4.13 and Snaptcha 1.7.5.

I just created a single contact form in Forms, and enabled Snaptcha. When outputting my form, I am noticing the the word "Array" is getting added to my form.

It's showing up right after the <div class="hiddenfields"></div> and right before the <div class="snap" ...>

If I disable Snaptcha in my form, it goes away.

I prepended and appended some test text to the $field value in line 91 of ext.snaptcha.php to see if the "Array" text was part of that, but it wasn't, it came before that.

UPDATE: I dug deeper and found where the word "Array" is getting added.

On line 730 of mod.forms.php $OUT_FORM_PREPEND .= $SNAP->comment_field($OUT_FORM_PREPEND); it calls comment_field(). I'm not totally sure why. But in comment_field() in ext.snaptcha.php, the $tagdata variable is what has the text 'Array'.

I added the following to line 203 of ext.snaptcha.php to convert the string 'Array' to an actual array to see what was in it: $tagdata = "<pre>".print_r($tagdata,true)."</pre>"; and it appears to contain 3 values. One is the contents of my {page_body} field in my previous, closed channel entries loop. The other two are empty...


Ok, this seems to be a bug in DevDemon's Forms addon.

On line 730 of mod.forms.php it has: $OUT_FORM_PREPEND .= $SNAP->comment_field($OUT_FORM_PREPEND);

Changing this to $OUT_FORM_PREPEND .= $SNAP->snaptcha_field($OUT_FORM_PREPEND); fixes this issue.

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    Thanks for debugging this! Updated our internal build with the changes. Feb 20 '15 at 14:41

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