I have an issue where it seems that my category images are not being parsed properly.

{if segment_3_category_image}<img src="{segment_3_category_image}" alt="{segment_3_category_name}" class="fright" />{/if}

is being rendered as:

<img src="{filedir_7}apron150x150.gif" alt="Stories" class="fright">

Obviously, it’s getting a value for the image, but the template is not parsing the filedir value. Is there something that might be missing? This is sitting inside of the following page embed around line 22.

{if segment_3 =="video-tv" OR segment_3 == "radio-podcasts"}
        <div id="banner">
        {exp:channel:entries channel="shows" limit="1" disable="pagination|member_data"}
            <div class="vid-slide">
                <a href="{title_permalink='shows/'}">
                {if show_screenshot}<img src="{show_screenshot}" width="477" height="260" alt="{title}" />
                {if:elseif show_screenshot == "" AND segment_3 == "video-tv"}<img src="/assets/images/show/show_generic.jpg" width="477" height="260" alt="{title}" />
                {if:elseif show_screenshot == "" AND segment_3 == "radio-podcasts"}<img src="/assets/images/show/radio_generic.jpg" width="477" height="260" alt="{title}" />{/if}</a>
                <div class="blurb">
                    {if segment_3 == "video-tv"}<p class="button"><a href="{title_permalink='shows/'}">Watch Now</a></p>{/if}
                    {if segment_3 == "radio-podcasts"}<p class="button"><a href="{title_permalink='shows/'}">Listen Now</a></p>{/if}
        <section id="main">
<div class="divide">
{if segment_3_category_image}<img src="{segment_3_category_image}" alt="{segment_3_category_name}" class="fright" />{/if}

{exp:low_variables:parse var="lv_shows_{segment_3}_main"}

{exp:channel:entries channel="shows" disable="member_data" paginate="bottom" limit="12"}
<li><h2><a href="{title_permalink='shows/'}">{title}</a></h2>
<li><p>Page {current_page} of {total_pages} pages {pagination_links}</p></li>

        <aside id="sidebar">
{exp:low_variables:parse var="lv_shows_{segment_3}_sidebar"}<hr/>
{if segment_3 == "video-tv"}{exp:low_variables:parse var="tg_sponsors"}{/if}

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That's looking like Low Seg2Cat. Make sure you're on the latest version and the Parse File Paths is turned on in the settings.


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