I'm in a situation on the cart/basket page where I want to use an embed, but, I want to use the checkout tag again within it, to work out some tax with php & then add it to a table.

I've accomplished it fine, though it's adding a form element to the table element. Is there a param I'm missing where I can just say form_element="off" or something like that?


The product tag allows you to add disable_form="yes" to remove the form tags.

Since you are trying to use the checkout tag however you best option would be to use the {exp:store:cart} tag pair for the nested content which is the exact same as the checkout tag but does not output a form tag.

The Cart Tag behaves exactly the same as the Checkout Tag. The difference lies in performance - while the Checkout Tag provides a form, and provides options for updating and submitting the cart, the Cart Tag simply displays a cached version of the current cart.

You should use the Cart Tag instead of the Checkout Tag in sidebars and headers, when you wish to display the contents of the current cart.

Full documentation for the cart tag pair.

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