Does EE have an addon, either native or third party, that can charge members to post entries? Some entries will be a one time payment while others need to be recurring. I need the entry to expire at a certain date, or if a future payment fails, etc. Email notifications to keep members aware of payments, etc. would be useful.

I know this sounds very specific, but I'm hoping something already exist than having to build something.

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Disclaimer : I'm the developer of Charge so am biased on this.

Yes - this is all quite simple with Charge. You'd simply use the standard front-end entry form as usual and set the entry status to a pending state, then use the built in entry actions in Charge to update the status to live after a successful payment.

This can all be used with recurring payments, and if you need to later down grade or alter the status of the entry you can use the provided hooks to trigger any extra logic you might want.

To be fair - this same setup is likely possible using other third party addons but I can't speak for the exact setup on those.


You could use a store add-on as a workaround.

I'm using Expresso Store. You could add a custom text field to a product and use it to store the id of an channel form entry.

This might also be possible using other add-on, such as Simple Commerce or CartThrob.


I've reached similar functionality some time ago using Membrr. DevDemon Subscriptions might also work for this.

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