I want to apply a snazzymap to MX Google Maps.

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If you're using Max's MX Google Map [1.5.3] for publish form maps and wish to apply a snazzymap you can do so by adding the snazzymap styles on line 496 of system/third_party/mx_google_map/ft.mx_google_map.php.

Download the snazzymap you want to apply. View the source. Copy from:

// How you would like to style the map. 
// This is where you would paste any style found on Snazzy Maps.
    styles: ... ]}]

And then paste it just after:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    latitude: '.$data["latitude"].',
    longitude: '.$data["longitude"].',
    zoom:  '.$zoom.',
    markers: ['.$markers.'],

So it looks something like this:

   markers: ['.$markers.'],

   // Snazzy maps hackery
   styles: [{"featureType":"landscape","stylers":[{"saturation":-100},{"lightness":65},{"visibility":"on"}]},{"featureType":"poi","stylers":[{"saturation":-100},{"lightness":51},{"visibility":"simplified"}]},{"featureType":"road.highway","stylers":[{"saturation":-100},{"visibility":"simplified"}]},{"featureType":"road.arterial","stylers":[{"saturation":-100},{"lightness":30},{"visibility":"on"}]},{"featureType":"road.local","stylers":[{"saturation":-100},{"lightness":40},{"visibility":"on"}]},{"featureType":"transit","stylers":[{"saturation":-100},{"visibility":"simplified"}]},{"featureType":"administrative.province","stylers":[{"visibility":"off"}]},{"featureType":"water","elementType":"labels","stylers":[{"visibility":"on"},{"lightness":-25},{"saturation":-100}]},{"featureType":"water","elementType":"geometry","stylers":[{"hue":"#ffff00"},{"lightness":-25},{"saturation":-97}]}],
   // End Snazzy maps hackery

   field_id : "'.$randid.'"

Remember to add a comma after the closing square bracket ]}],.

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