MX Cloner running on EE 2.9.2 with Zenbu installed (also running Zenbu MX Cloner support extension) When we select the clone option the site gives us a 404 page with the following structure


We've got this installed on another 2.9.2 site (also running Zenbu) and it's working fine - any ideas about where to look to resolve?

We've uninstalled and reinstalled both cloner extensions to no avail

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I've got the identical error, and I've also upgraded to EE 2.10.1. But disabling the Zenbu MX Cloner Support Extension doesn't work for me. I've also tried disabling and re-enabling MX Cloner.

What's the URL supposed to look like? It's as if MX Cloner isn't reading the Control Panel URL site setting.

EDIT: Max Lazar, the author, guided me to the Github repository for the plugin, where MX Cloner is up to 1.2.8 and resolves this issue when the extension is updated.


Have upgraded EE site to 2.10.1 and disabled the Zenbu MX Cloner support extension and this seems to have resolved the issue.


EE 2.10.1 and MX Cloner 1.2.8 with Zenbu: still 404. Solution: in acc.mx_cloner.php, find line 42. Replace:

 _href = $(this).children("td:first").next().children("a:first").attr("href")+"&clone=y&use_autosave=n";


_href = $(this).children("td:first").nextAll().eq(1).children("a:first").attr("href")+"&clone=y&use_autosave=n";

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