$this->EE->functions->redirect(BASE . AMP . 'C=addons_modules' . AMP . 'M=show_module_cp' . AMP . 'module=module_name_here' . '#tabsettings');

EE v2.9.2

I want to redirect the user after the person submits the form, then it fires off the redirect function.

When I append #tabsettings, it redirects me to the Admin CP login form. Here is the URL it directs me to:


If I remove the #tabsettings, it will keep me within the module control panel, but I want it to load the settings view, which needs the #tabsettings to know which part of the view to load.

$this->EE->functions->redirect(BASE . AMP . 'C=addons_modules' . AMP . 'M=show_module_cp' . AMP . 'module=module_name_here');
  • The hashtag is getting in the way of the S parameter EE adds at the end of the url, if possible try using a GET variable instead. $url .= "&hashtag=tabsettings" Mar 18, 2015 at 17:48

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Brandon is correct - EE does not like a hash in a redirect URL.

Instead, try using flash data for this.

$this->EE->session->set_flashdata('selected-tab', 'settings');
$this->EE->functions->redirect(BASE . AMP . 'C=addons_modules' . AMP . 'M=show_module_cp' . AMP . 'module=module_name_here');

Then, in your module code:

if($tab = ee()->session->flashdata('selected-tab') && $tab == 'settings')
    // Add something here to your markup so that your JS will select the tab you want

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