I've spent so many hours trying to work this issue out. Aggravating. I have a channel "Baler", this channel has various categories and these categories have sub categories. eg:

Balers - Parent Category - Sub Category - Sub Category

I would like to display the content for each page based on the last segment of the url. In order to do this do I need to create a structure page for each category(even though when I create a category it is assigned a URL)

Right now my code looks like this:

{if freebie_2 != "" && freebie_3 == ""}


        {if {parent_id} != 0}
            <div class="Product1">
                <a href="{category_url_title}"><h2>{category_name}</h2>
                    <img src="{category_image}" alt="{category_name}" title="{category_name}" /></a>



{if freebie_2 != "" && freebie_3 != ""}

        paginate="bottom" limit="20" dynamic="no"}

        <div class="Product1">
            <a href="/{freebie_1}{freebie_2}/{page_uri}"><h2>{title}</h2>
                <img src="{baler_images}" alt="{title}" title="{title}" /></a>



The main issue is, that if I have to add in 500 categories and sub categories, do I need to create all of these as structure pages also? Any help or guidance would be really appreciated.

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The point of using freebie is that you shouldn't need to add them as actual pages.

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