I'm running EE v2.9.2 and Cartthrob 2.61

The store processes the order and send the notification, on return, I receive the following error:

"Unable to locate the model you have specified: discount_model"

Any help & insight is appreciated. Thanks.


For the meantime, i commented out the following lines at third_party/cartthrob/drivers/core/Cartthrob_core_ee.php and it did the trick. We don't use discounts anyway :)

//formerly process_coupon_codes
public function process_discounts()




Hoping someong can provide a better solution, but this will do for now.

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I've just encountered this, but it's "COUPON_CODE_MODEL" that can't be found in my install. I'm on the same versions of EE & CT.

This is happening when I try to check out with Offline Payments, when I have set "When order is taken, set processing status to:" to "Complete", rather than "Processing". When "Processing" it submits fine; when "Complete", I get the error message.

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