I have a plugin that outputs a value, which I think I need to pass as an embed variable as I need to use that value as a parameter when calling the plugin again from within the embed. Here's the basic structure:

     {embed="foo/bar" my_plugin_value="{some_value_from_my_plugin}"}

In the embedded template, {embed:my_plugin_value} is empty. I have double checked to make sure the value is indeed set before calling the embed. Am I running into parse issues? If so, how do I resolve this?

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If it's two plugin tags that you are needing to nest, see changing parse order for nested tags using the parse="inward" parameter.


That should work.

Try testing your parameter logic for your plugin to ensure you're properly retrieving the parameter value.

If that's not the issue try passing a string into the embed to see if it's in fact an issue with the embed variable.

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