I'm troubleshooting a problem with an older, rarely updated site, so I'm not sure how recently this issue cropped up, though I'm fairly certain it worked when I handed it off. We have a Low Variable set as a Wygwam field using Assets for images. When we use Asssets to insert images into the field, we get an img tag with an src like this.


Any idea what's going on there?

  • EE 2.7.2
  • Wygwam 3.2.2
  • Assets 2.2.2
  • Low Variable 2.4.0

UPDATE: It just occurred to me that the EE server this site lives on (which is multi-site) has had these add ons updated since I built the site, though I'm not sure how relevant that is to this particular issue.

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How is the LV called? It should be called using the Parse or Single tag to process those unparsed vars, eg:

{exp:low_variables:single var="my_wygwam_var"}
  • Appreciate the response. I was indeed using the global variable syntax, but I tried parse, single, and pair all with the same result.
    – grovberg
    Commented Mar 26, 2015 at 18:57

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