I am having trouble showing a list of map categories that are not empty but they must work in conjunction with the countries category group

No children categories needed

My categories setup

  • Map group
    • Topographic
    • Geophysical
    • Geology

  • Countries group
    • Kenya
    • South Africa
    • Tanzania


  • Entry one - Kenya & Geology
  • Entry two - Kenya & Geology
  • Entry three - Kenya & Geophysical

My result should be on this address

url: /maps/category/kenya

  • Geophysical
  • Geology

Any ideas, no luck with native categories and Gwcode categories tags. Any help is appreciated.

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Leaving my solution here

I have used low2seg plugin and query. Little messy but it works.

{exp:query sql="select * from exp_categories as ec where ec.`cat_id` in (select distinct cat_id from `exp_category_posts` where entry_id in (select entry_id from `exp_category_posts` where cat_id = {segment_3_category_id})) and group_id = 1"} <option value="{cat_id}">{cat_name}</option> {/exp:query}

At the end of the query, ensure you choose selected cat_id and group_id

where cat_id = {segment_3_category_id})) and group_id = 1"

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