I'm using Solspace Calendar and this code for showing single events...

{exp:calendar:events event_id="{segment_3}"}

and it works find for showing events in the future, however for past events it's showing No Results.

The past entry status are Open and there is no expiration date.

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If you're looking to display upcoming or past events, you should use {exp:calendar:cal} instead of other Calendar tags. {exp:calendar:cal} is the only tag that will display event data in a chronological way. With this tag, the following tag would display events from 1 month past to now:

    date_range_start="1 month ago"

(You could throw in an event_id="" in there as well if needed to limit the list to an event) More details about why {exp:calendar:cal} is the tag to use for chronological data can be found here (Recommended read): http://www.solspace.com/docs/calendar/getting_started/

Quick summary: {exp:calendar:events} would be used for general information about the event entry (eg. event location, summary, start/end dates set in the entry), and {exp:calendar:cal} is used for most things related to time (eg. upcoming events, past events, events between X and Y, chronological order of events and their occurrences, etc).

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