I have a image "thumbnail" field in multiple channels, ie: "news_thumbnail" "projects_thumbnail" "editorials_thumbnail"

With these images, I use EE's resizing feature to crop multiple sizes of the image.

I'm attempting to display the images using the following:


This outputs to


The {path} {filename} and {extension} variables aren't being processed properly.

However if I hardcode the channel field and use:


{path},{filename} and {extension} are parsed to their proper values, and the image is displayed properly.

Any idea how to get this working properly?

  • Just to clarify - you mean (and are using) {channel_short_name}, correct? Mar 31, 2015 at 18:50

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You're trying to use the value of one variable (i.e., {channel_short_name}) to determine the key of another variable located at the same level of processing (i.e., {news_thumbnail}), which won't work.

I'd suggest using preload_replace variables instead, since they are parsed before any module tags are processed:


{exp:channel:entries channel="{current_channel}"}

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