when I use the pagination inside the exp:tag:entries-loop the links generated look like


instead of


It's exactly the same problem which is asked here (but not solved), except I am not using stash. Thread-starter Davor Peic tried with a spartanic clean template and had the same problem.

Therefore I do not molest you with my code but just want to ask if you could verify that this is a bug or not. Thanks.


This is also issue with EE pagination, which Tag uses: if you use the same URL, eg http://example.com/entries/two+apples with pagination in {exp:channel:entries}, the pagination URL can become http://example.com/entries/two apples. Spaces in URLs render as %20 in the address bar, which is the URL entity equivalent of a space.

There is possibly a way to prevent + to convert to a space by making trial-and-error changes in .htaccess, but another method could be to enable PHP in your templates and put a search & replace function to convert spaces to + in pagination urls:

<?php echo str_replace(' ', '+', '{pagination_url}'); ?>

I posted this answer in the wrong thread earlier, but answering your follow-up question, you can use PHP, but plugins (of the search & replace type) might be able to do the same. Unfortunately this issue is because if the EE pagination library, and how it handles the generation of pagination code.

  • Thanks for your answer; so that means that in every case you use the default websafe-separator "+" you have to use php to generate correct URLs in the pagination?
    – BNetz
    Apr 3 '15 at 13:22
  • You can use PHP, but plugins (of the search & replace type) might be able to do the same.
    – Solspace
    Apr 5 '15 at 23:43
  • Thanks, this did the trick! I would have wished that I don't need to use PHP for a feature that is very basic and fundamental; perhaps you could integrate the solution in a further update of Tag.
    – BNetz
    Apr 6 '15 at 19:09

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