I am building a module and I am looping thru data to set a value for each key, to be used as EE template tags.

foreach($missing_fields as $field)

    $vars = array(
        'field_id'              =>  $field->m_field_id,
        'field_name'            =>  $field->m_field_name,
        'field_label'           =>  $field->m_field_label,
        'field_type'            =>  $field->m_field_type,
        'field_list_items'      =>  format_list_items($field->m_field_list_items),
        'count'                 =>  $count,
        'total_fields'          =>  count($missing_fields),

    $out .= $this->EE->TMPL->parse_variables_row($this->EE->TMPL->tagdata, $vars);

return $out;

In the template, I want to display the field's label, which works, when it is a select field (notice conditional), I want to be able to loop thru the values.



    {if field_type == "select"}
    <select name="{field_name}"
            {!-- loop thru each select value --}
            <option value="{select_item}">{select_item}</option>


I created a format_list_items helper function that just returns a basic array of data for testing purposes.

return array('value 1', 'value 2');

I looked at the user module to see if they did anything like this in the profile edit functions & also looked at EE's myaccount.php line 364 (in edit_profile function).

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Tag pairs need to be formatted correctly as an array of arrays like this. Just think of the tag pair as a module tag, and the arrays as the $vars variable in your example above.

$field_list_items = array(
    array('select_item' => 'value 1'),
    array('select_item' => 'value 2'),

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