I'm setting up an online apparel store and would like to set up a conditional that will check the item count in a particular sku number and output something like this "Hurry, only 9 left!!" when the count is equal or less than say 10.

I tried

{if store_product_stock <= 10}
<p>Hurry, only <em><span class="store_product_stock"></span></em> left!</p>

But that doesn't work. Any help would be great!


According to the store docs your can use total_stock for that.


{if total_stock > 0} In Stock {if:else} Out of Stock {/if}


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  • Thank you, but that only applies to the item as a whole. I have different skus for a single product (tshirts with different sizes) – ninjaroll Apr 12 '15 at 0:49

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