I need to send a page URL as a parameter into a plugin. So I have a global var called lv_shop_page (early parsing) which is an entry ID to a page which I'm passing to structure's {structure:page_uri_for:X} function. When I just output {structure:page_uri_for:{lv_shop_page}} it comes out with the proper URL but when I put this into the parameter of a plugin like so:


I get


I know this is a parse order problem, is there any way round this so I can make {structure:page_uri_for:X} parse earlier than my plugin? Or maybe another workaround using stash or embeds?

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The {structure:page_uri_for:XXX} variable is parsed late, after template parsing has occurred (using the template_post_parse hook). In other words, too late to be used as a tag parameter in your plugin. However, there is an undocumented Structure tag you can use instead of the {structure:page_uri_for:XXX} variable: {exp:structure:page_slug}.

    page="{exp:structure:page_slug entry_id='{lv_shop_page}'}/blah/blah"

You may have to you an embed and/or Stash to get the parse order right, but this should be possible.


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