I am playing around with a creating an accessory for EE and I am trying to figure out how to run a JavaScript function after the channel entries listing has been filtered. Any idea how I go about doing this?

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There might be a better EE way of doing this but I found this little jQuery plugin that seems to work quite well, it detects changes in elements. So I use it to detect a change in the entry listing table.



You could avoid writing an Accessory and just inject the JS into the Control Panel to do it for you using the CP CSS & JS add-on (download link) to inject JS on the filter event? Hook onto the form submit for #filterform - something like:

$("#filterform").submit(function (e) {
    //Do your thing.

Not sure if that will fire before the ajax or after though. Might have to watch for a change in the top row of the table.

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