I am developing an addon for EE. i could not find a way to make a variable with multi value behavior. like: i would like to write in the template: {location:lat} {location:lng} this can be (Pair Variables) but it is always about loops.

what is the proper and the write Array syntax to parse to get what i want in the template.

thank you in advance


The only add-ons which have an official method of using variable modifiers are fieldtypes, where your fieldtype class' replace_tag function controls {my_field}, replace_lat controls {myfield:lat}, etc.

If you want to use the modifier sytax in a plugin or module, you'd simply name your variables location:lat and location:lng in the array you pass to ee()->TMPL->parse_variables().

The standard way of accessing nested variables like this, given a variables array that looks like:

        'location' => array(
            'lat' => 'foo',
            'lng' => 'bar'

... would be:

  • Thanks allot, Derek when I do the same thing I got the result as Array. it reads it as an array. it works for me as : $json['location'] = array( array('lat'=>$json['location']['lat'],'lng'=>$json['location']['lng']) );
    – Akwad Net
    Apr 14 '15 at 13:28

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