Wondering if there is a way to disable or redirect Transcribe to the english version of Expresso Store.

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The easiest way is probably to force your english translation in all of your store templates. Lets for example say you have a header that is shared across all of your templates and that your store templates are in a group called shop. Also lets assume that your English translation has an ID of 1 and a name of english.

In your header template you would be able to simply add:

{if segment_1 == "shop"}
 {exp:transcribe:language name="english"}
  {!-- Alternatively you could use --
   {exp:transcribe:language id="1"}

Sets the language to be used from the template. This can be used to override the default behavior of Transcribe which is to figure out what language to load automatically.

Full documentation for the tag can be found in the 3rd item on EEHarbor.

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    That makes perfect sense, thanks Justin. Much appreciated!
    – MBM
    Commented Apr 16, 2015 at 23:05

In version 1.6.1 of transcribe you can now use transcribe="disable" in your channel entries tag to force the default language for all.

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