I'm trying to use Low Replace to correct URLs in a standard text field in EE.

Sometimes the URL is inputted correctly, for example http://www.a-website.com other times they are inputted incorrectly ie www.another-website.com

I think I nearly have the solution, but the colon after http isn't being rendered on the page, so the corrected URL for the above example comes out as http//www.another-website.com. Please see my code below.

{exp:low_replace find="www." replace="http://www."}
    <p><a href="{website}" target="_blank">Website</a></p>

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A lot of people doesn't know, but EllisLab has a first party add-on for that:

<p><a href="{exp:valid_url}{website}{/exp:valid_url}" target="_blank">Website</a></p>

There's several first party add-ons available for download, despite not included on EECMS by default.


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