We're looking into adding a "Buy All" button for a Charity / Auction site and the owner would like to have a buy all button that would add all items (each having a stock of 1) to the cart for purchase.

Second Question: Is it possible to visibly show when a product has been added to the cart? The reason being is that the items for sale will be in a grid side by side and the owner would like a way for people to know which items they have added to the cart by visibly altering a div tag (or something similar) once the item is residing in the cart.

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Buy All button:

Yes it is possible to add all items to the cart with a single button you would need to use the {exp:store:product_form} tag pair wrapped around your channel entries tag or Matrix/Grid or Relationship/Playa tag pair. Full documentation of the product_form tag can be found here.

  {exp:channel:entries channel="products" dynamic="no" limit="5"}
      {exp:store:product disable_form="yes" entry_id="{entry_id}"}
          <!-- add to cart form / product details -->

In cart:

You would want to use the {qty_in_cart} tag in the {exp:store:product} tag. Something along the lines of:

<div class="{if qty_in_cart}inCart{/if}">

Full documentation for this can be found here

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