I try to understand how Low Search works and been trying to get Solspace Tags as human words instead of ID's in my result page like: Your search keywords were: foo, bar.

But I dont understand what I need to do to make this happen.

Here is example with what I have tried a lot of different setups with no luck.

Would be thankful if someone point me what's wrong, thanks.

<p>Your keywords: <strong>{exp:low_search:param:loop get="tag_id" as="tag_name" query="{segment_3}"} {exp:tag:tag_name}{tag}{/exp:tag:tag_name}{/exp:low_search:param:loop}</strong></p>

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If you're using tag IDs, then you can use the Cloud tag to display the names.

The most important thing you'll read about Low Search is how parameters work. With that in mind, if you follow this example, then you could use this code to display the tags:

{exp:low_search:filters query="{segment_3}"}
  {exp:tag:cloud tag_id="{low_search_tag_id}"}
  • Thanks Low. I need to study them more so that I can start to understand basics.
    – Riverboy
    Apr 29, 2015 at 13:31

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