Don't say it's for flexibility! If flexibility is all that matters, where is software for making a whole website by typing everything freeform all into one field.

So we draw lines, make judgments, to make the system practical.

I AM MOVING AN EE SITE NOW Right now I am moving an ee site I have moved a few times, and every time, it is a super pain the butt.

I am going to give an example, below, of how EE handles a new path to where it runs, then how another system does it. I pray no one will defend the dumb way EE has this setup. I pray also the mastermind of this scheme, come forward, admit the problem, apologize, promise to fix it, and then fix it.

EXPRESSION ENGINE SETUP enter image description here

ANOTHER SYSTEM enter image description here

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You are probably not going to get the answer you are looking for and I have no idea why EllisLab chose to do what they did when building EE as I am not part of their team. Having said that I recommend you email them and ask them personally.

But to answer your main issue of changing paths and urls easily. EllisLab has setup EE to handle a bunch of configuration details via the config.php file in your system folder. More documentation for those can be found in their user guide. While not shipped with EE there are many great tools to help you with this Focus Lab Master Config is a free option that I use as a base for every site I work on, and allows easy migrations. I move at least a site or two a week for people and after the 15-20 minutes it takes to make sure everything is configured I can do a complete server move in under 5 minutes.

  • Justin, thanks for sharing all that, great tip.
    – DanAllen
    Commented May 3, 2015 at 21:27

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