FreeForm pagination only works if the entry results of the form is MORE than the limit. If the results are not greater than the limit i get a loop of code.

For example: I have a total of only 5 entries in the form.. however in due time there will be more...

When i limit to 10... I would expect to see no pagination links until my results exceeds 10. At the moment though i get a continuous loop of the following code.

Page {freeform:current_page}
of {freeform:total_pages}

If i set my limit to for example.. "2" the paginaiton works perfectly (because i have more entries than "2").

Can anyone shed some light on this, thanks.

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We can confirm this issue on our end as well. It's a bug and we'll get a fix out for it soon. In the meantime, the workaround suggested above will resolve the issue for now (wrapping conditional around pagination code):

{if freeform:paginate}{/if}

You should wrap the pagination tag in a conditional.

{if freeform:paginate}
        Page {freeform:current_page} of {freeform:total_pages} pages   {freeform:pagination_links}
  • Brilliant thanks, I will try when I'm at my desk. May 11, 2015 at 21:05

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