After an update to EE 2.10.1 the module Member Group Tabs throws the following error:

Call to undefined method Cp::set_variable() in /path/sh_member_group_tabs/ext.sh_member_group_tabs.php on line 277.

Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance, Tom

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open file /system/expressionengine/third_party/ext.sh_member_group_tabs.php and change line 270:

if (APP_VER >= '2.6.0')


if (version_compare(APP_VER, '2.6.0', '>='))

it is also needs to make search & replace for APP_VER >= '2.6.0' & APP_VER >= '2.8' and replace it with version_compare(APP_VER, '2.6.0', '>=') & version_compare(APP_VER, '2.8', '>=')


Thank you Rakesh and Tom. Member Group Tabs is now compatible with EE v2.10.1.

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