Is it possible to show the shipping rate next to the shipping option in the {shipping_method} dropdown? I'm using the Store USPS Shipping Extension to calculate shipping costs.

I would like to show something like this in the dropdown:

  • First-Class Mail Parcel ($3.04)
  • Priority Mail 2-Day ($7.15)
  • Priority Mail Express 1-Day ($31.20)

Thank you!


Answering my own question here in case it helps anyone else.

This question/answer pointed me in the right direction: Do the Expresso Store shipping methods have to be displayed in a dropdown?

The solution was to use the {shipping_methods} variable pair:

<select name="shipping_method">
    <option value="">Select a shipping method...</option>
    <option value="{method_id}">{method_title} ({method_price})</option>

I can confirm that this works with the Store USPS Shipping Extension (v1.1.0), contrary to the Expresso Store docs.

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