I have a sidebar/latest-news template in siteA containing a few {comment_url_title_auto_path} links, resulting in URLs such as siteA.com/news/article/[url_title_here].

I embed it from a template in siteB like this: {embed="siteA:sidebar/latest-news"}. When I do so, the URLs that are generated by that template are siteB.org/news/article/[url_title_here].

Is there any way to get it to link to the proper URL over on siteA?

EDIT: Just realized the core of this issue is the fact that the Comment Page URL setting in the channel prefs is {site_url}/news/article, and that apparently the {site_url} var gets parsed by the parent template's site, not by that channel's site (Edit 2: reported this as a bug).

The site in question has multiple country-code subfolders with index.php files in them, each one setting custom global vars according to the country. So, going to siteA.com/us/news/ will set a global var of {gv_current_country} to "us" and a {gv_current_country_category} var to something like "123" - whatever the ID is of the "USA" category to which entries are assigned.

Therefore, using something like /news/articles/ in the channel's "Comment Page URL" setting won't work, since it would be tossing the geolocated visitors out of their siteA.com/[country_code]/ subfolders each time they clicked a link.

  • Anyone know if I should change the title to reflect the core of the issue being {site_url} used across MSM sites and not {comment_url_title_auto_path}?
    – Sandwich
    Jun 8, 2015 at 13:59

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I would suggeest pasing the site ID you need via am embed parameter al'a {embed="siteA:sidebar/latest-news" origin={site_id}} then using the sites parameter in the internal comments tag to force the comments to be drawn from the other site.


That might work as you'd be forcing the comments to be drawn from SiteA. Another alternative might be to use the MSM Site URL plugin with in the embedded template to get your site_url for siteA, then build the URL yourself :

{exp:msm_site_url site_short_name=sitea"}/news/article/{url_title}

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