I made a channel with a relationship with calendar and events channel. The relationship with event is multiselect. I want to select the event manually from the backend(channel). Now i am failed to show these event in front end with the grouping by date as shown in the image/attachment.

Please tell me; how can i do such functionalities.

http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/7yje2k0ht07jykhqyajm.png (relationship pic)

http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/c3j2g4poltpz1tv7npi.png (layout pic)


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Let's assume, based on the comment about making sure to use the channels and custom field groups provided by Calendar upon installation, that the channels and field groups are set up properly.

Since {exp:calendar:cal} doesn't load the EE Channel:Entries library, it will likely not parse Channel module-based tags such as Relationship or Playa fields. In this case, you will need to pass the event_id from {exp:calendar:cal} into either {exp:calendar:events} (which loads the Channel:Entries library), or {exp:channel:entries channel="calendar_events"} if you're not using any date-based data. You may or may not need an embed to pass the ID.

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