I am using the freeform_module_insert_begin hook which stores the data into the database but with the freeform_module_insert_end hook I am unable to get the data which I posted in the freeform_module_insert_begin hook.

Here is my code:

function email_this($field_input_data, $entry_id, $form_id){
if (ee()->extensions->active_hook('freeform_module_insert_end') === TRUE)
} else {

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The entire $_POST array should still be available inside that hook (though for security you should access it via ee()->input->post()).

But your code is incorrect (I can see how the docs are confusing there). What you've posted is their demonstration of how the hook appears inside the module - not an example of how to use the hook.

You need to first insert a row into exp_extensions which maps freeform_module_insert_end to your email_this function (see docs). Then just write your function like so:

function email_this($field_input_data, $entry_id, $form_id, $freeform_object)
    // Do what you need to do in here
    // ee()->input->post('my_field_name') should be available here as well

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