I'm wondering if there is a way to disable EE control panel menu/submenu appear by hover. Instead I would like to set it up to open on click.

(i know that base menu initiate on click - first time, and then all other appear on hover), i would like to disable hover totaly.

Why this, well, i'm building nice custom EE control panel theme, with left vertical menu, but i'm having problems with submenu appearing when i don't want them to...

enter image description here

Thanks everyone in advance

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Short answer... No

Perhaps too short, let me expand... Not easily

Ok, jokes aside, the JS which you wish to taget is dee pin the file /themes/javascript/compressed/jquery/plugins/ee_navigation.js. Note it is compressed, not sure you can even get the uncompressed version anywhere. You could try wading through it (good luck to you!) or perhaps try re-writing it.

You might get some milage from the P&T CP CSS & JS plugin, you could use this to 'reset' the menu and apply your own suckerfish style navigation...


Superfish EE Control Panel

Might need tweaking to change events to click instead of hoverIntent and possibly this is only the top level menus not the sub-menu blow-outs.

Or at the very least you'll know how to inject your own JS into the CPanel interface and write your own for your needs.

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