Hoping this is possible.

I want to set my entry_id and member_id numbers higher. Meaning when the next entry is entered or a member joins it goes to the new higher # I set. Right now my entry ID is at 271, I would like to put that at 1001 for the next entry ID entered. Also do the same for members, not so high but at least 100. I tried (ALTER TABLE exp_channel_data AUTO_INCREMENT = 1001) but if simply kept the next number in line 272.

So can it be done, right now I have no members, I am just testing, I have a complete backup of everything.

Is it safe, is it possible without sending EE into a crash? Thanks.


It is possible, and I think it's safe but as you are doing make sure you backup test and roll back if you get unextpected results. (Is it safe??? lol)

You where almost rigth with what you did before, however exp_channel_data is not the indexed table for channel data, you want exp_channel_titles, these are your 2 queries :

ALTER TABLE `exp_channel_titles` AUTO_INCREMENT = 1001

ALTER TABLE `exp_members` AUTO_INCREMENT = 101

I did a quick test on my local sandbox and it seemed to work.

  • Winner winner chicken dinner, this is the correct answer. It's db related, expression engine won't even know you altered your database auto increment index.
    – jrothafer
    Jun 17 '15 at 12:26

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