Is there any way to import additional fields from ICS files via Solspace Calendar (v1.8.13 on EE v2.10.1). There are the default Calendar: Events fields which typically get populated with imported data. And I can add additional fields like for links and images to the field group, but is there a way to map imported data into these additional fields?

I didn't see anything in the documentation or in the Calendar module in the CP to address this.

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At this current time there is no officially supported way to do this with ICS Update.

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    I did notice that in the iCalcreator.class.php, it does grab the URL from the ICS file. In some quick testing, I was able to map that data to a new custom link field in act.calendar.php. Was there a reason why this wasn't included?
    – Yujin
    Jun 25, 2015 at 14:15

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