If i create a new membergroup, based on the users membergroup. All the images from a custom field are not showing. If i switch the user to the default membergroup, it works again. users that are not logged in, can see the images.

So basicly, if i move a user to a new membergroup (based on the default "member" group), all the images from custom fields are not showing.

Do i miss something, or is it a configuration?

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Ok, very weird but also understandable. I had to give permissions in the File Upload Perferences.

Its odd because the membergroup "members" is allowed and for a new membergroup that is based on that group need to give permission. Also i was thinking that those permissions where for writing only...


You have to specifically give permissions to the new membergroup in the File Upload Preferences for each upload destination, if these destinations were created before the new membergroup was created.

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