I am submitting a form and that form will email a client at the supplied email address. However, in the email that is sent to the client a URL is included to edit their response. On this page I am using the freeform:edit tag but they can not see it because they are not logged in.

Example URL: sitegoeshere.com/refferal/mma/26/1-23456789

Segment 3 would be the freeform entry id but if they are not logged in the client can not see this.

So any ideas on how to make a non-logged in user edit an entry?

I know the security risk of anyone can see any entry but none of the data is worth anything to someone else.

  • Eric

Just add restrict_edit_to_author="no" to your freeform:edit tag. From the docs:

Specifying a value of no to this parameter will mean that anyone, including logged out users / guests can edit the entry.

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