When I check the enable box form my 'Notify User' form preferences, the drop down is blank. Any idea what I need to check/code wise or other in order to get the list of fiends to appear in this drop down menu? We're using EE2.9.2 and Freeform Pro v.4.2.2

Also, and I figure the answer is no but will ask anyway. In either the admin_notify or admin_cc_notify parameters, can you use multiple email addresses, with one being a field/variable from the form itself?

So if the form contained the field email2 which is an email address. Could the admin_cc_notify field = "email2"?


Peter T

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You will need to add an email field to the form before you can get a field to choose for user notification emails.

Admin notification emails can only be directly set on the parameter and cannot be set via a field. You can also set it in the form preferences in the control panel.

If you need additional notification types, there are the dynamic recipients:


Which let you specify a hidden list of emails, chosen by the user with a key that posts and selects the hidden email (this helps to prevent spam) or you can use a user inputted email notification via user recipients:


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