I would value any suggestions / help available regarding a weird problem I'm having with an EE migration.

Trying to create a clone of an existing site (that works just fine) to do some development to the site templates.

I've set up a clean build of EE 2.10.1 on the development server, and it works just fine.

I've moved all the ancillary files associated with the existing site (e.g. Templates, Add-ons etc.) to the development server, and they are all visible and / or in the right place. But I've retained the (working) config.php and database.php files from the initial setup of the new machine.

I've exported the MySQL of existing site using phpmyadmin - a process I've used before and works fine.

I edit the MySQL dump to remove table relating to CECache (which points to cache entries I did not migrate across).

I've imported the exported MySQL tables into the MySQL of the newly created server.

I try to log into the CP and get no further than the login screen looping back after each attempt.

I've had a look and it appeared that the 'new' site was trying to load some assets from the old site - presumably due to settings in the imported MySQL (as config.php and database.php remain unchanged and relate only to new site).

So I reload the original database for new site, and check it works as before.

I edit the MySQL dump to change all references in there to the old site (or the old file path) to the new site URL / site path.

I try importing the edited MySQL to the new site database, and try to log in, and get same error as before - but this time the new site is not trying to load assets from the old site.

All the fixes I can find for this assume / suggest it is a problem with settings in the config.php file. But in this case, as I have a working config.php, the error must be something that is introduced via the MySQL import - not sure what though.

Anyone with any ideas? Would value any / all suggestions about how to fix.



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Check these:

  • Does the site remove the index.php? If so, did you import the .htaccess file and are there any directory customisations in there?

  • In config.php, check these variables:

  • cp_url
  • site_label
  • base_url
  • ce_image

  • in /index.php, are there any custom config values you might have forgotten?

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