Is there a escape mechanism for strings in EE to render EE tags? This is my snippet

{exp:channel:entries channel="used_vehicles" paginate="top"}
    {pagination_links page_padding="2"}
    <a href="{permalink='site/usado'}" class="car">
      <div class="image_holder" style="background-image: url({image:url:medium})"></div>
      <span class="ver_mas">Ver más</span>

I need that {image:url:medium} be replaced by the entry's image url. But on the inspector it seems it only puts {image:url:medium}. Any ideas?

edit: Forgot to say that, sadly, I can't change the div to an img tag.

  • What @Jelle Dijkstra said, good gentelperson, are you using channel images or another addon?
    – jrothafer
    Jul 17, 2015 at 14:21

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Looks like you are using channel images syntax. Are you using that addon? or do you have a native file field? if you are using native you should be using a tag pair like this:

<div class="image_holder" style="background-image: url({url:medium})"></div>

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