I know that by default EE doesn't allow guests to upload a file. Though a client really needs this feature in his site. Isn't there a possibility to enable this for guests as well?

I guess I would then need to have a look at specific code pieces to enable this but I can't seem to figure out where this might be located, did anyone ever solve this problem?


This is probably a duplicate of : Allow Guests to Upload to Directory? FreeForm PRO / EE2.6.1

Try the answer there, and let us know how you get on.

In short Guests should be able to upload (like any other group) if you set the relivent permissions. This will be "Can post to (channel where the files are attached)" (Channel Assignment & Channel Posting Privileges sections). Permissions can be found at Members > Member Groups > Edit Group (Guests)

Also, you'll need to review your File Upload preferences (Content > Files > File Upload Preferences), at the bottom of this section is the part that the duplicate post refers too). I do note here that Guest group is removed (as well as banned, super admins ect), I suggest a work around of cloning the Guest group with all the same permissions, set this group as the anonymous group (Member > Preferences) and it should appear in the File Upload Preferences.

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