I’m using a plugin name « Category Count » to count the number of entries in a specific category.

When i create an entry, transcribe create one for French and one for English so my counter show me two entries. I need only one entry count.

Here’s my code :

{exp:channel:categories category_id="8" style="linear"}
  {if soin-visage-section == 'Catégorie' }
    <li><a href="{exp:transcribe:uri path="soin-visage/par-categorie/list/{category_url_title}"}">{category_name} ({exp:catcount cat_id="{category_id}" channel="products"})</a></li>

Someone Can help me with this ?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards



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It's possible Transcribe and Category Count aren't very sympatico. How about just running a query with the Query module? This is completely untested as I'm quite busy but I though I'd throw it out their. Probably have a bunch parse order issues with this idea.

{exp:query sql="SELECT COUNT(*) as outer_count FROM exp_category_posts WHERE cat_id = '8';"}
    {exp:query sql="SELECT * FROM exp_category_posts WHERE cat_id = '8' LIMIT {outer_count} / 2;"}

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