Is it possible to only target specific MSM sites, as opposed to all sites.

I have two subdomains and a www site using the same MSM installation.

Is it possible to share a cookies between sub1.domain.co.uk and sub2.domain.co.uk but not affect www.domain.co.uk

Basically i want my members to be able to login to sub1 and automatically be logged in for sub2 domains but not www.

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You can use the $assign_to_config array in each site's index.php and admin.php files to set some per-site config items. (See docs.)

But you might have better luck using a switch statement in your main config.php file, e.g.,

    case 'www.domain.co.uk':
        $config['foo'] = 'bar';
    case 'sub1.domain.co.uk':
        $config['foo'] = 'baz';

For sharing cookies, look at the $config['multi_login_sites'] variable, e.g.,

$config['multi_login_sites'] = 'http://sub1.domain.co.uk|http://sub2.domain.co.uk';
  • Hi Derek, $config['multi_login_sites'] caused me some problems, whenever i logged into sub1.domain it would redirect to sub2.domain or whichever site i put last when separated bye | << pipe. Have you experienced this before? Commented Jul 29, 2015 at 23:24
  • Hmm, I have not. All that setting should do is affect how the cookies are set. Commented Jul 30, 2015 at 12:20

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