I'm using GwCategories to get all subcategories from a certain parent category (in this case, main_cat_id). Within this list, I'm adding a nested list, training_list_{cat_id}.

In my template, I can see the categories listed, but the nested list shows nothing. Now, I know that one of the subcategories has the ID 60. I replace {cat_id} in the example below by a hard-coded 60, the list does show. So I'm having a bit of a parsing issue here, I guess.

This is my (somewhat stripped) code:

{exp:stash:set_list name="categories_list" parse_tags="yes"}
    {exp:gwcode_categories custom_fields="yes" channel="channel" cat_id="{main_cat_id}" depth="2"}

        {exp:stash:set_list:nested name="training_list_{cat_id}" parse_tags="yes"}
            {exp:channel:entries channel="channel" dynamic="no" category="{cat_id}"}
                {stash:title}{title} - {cat_id}{/stash:title}


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I think this is a parse order issue, you may need to add parse="inward" to your nested set_list. Using this means that it will parse the variable in your name parameter early on.


You need to add parse_depth="2" to the outermost set_list tag.

This is required so that both the gwcode_categories tag and the inner set_list tag are parsed before the outermost set_list captures it's row data.

As per example here: https://github.com/croxton/Stash/wiki/Lists#three-and-more-dimensional-lists

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