I need to create links to display job listings by 1) job type (a channel field) or 2) salary range (also a channel field). The salaries are single integers.

I also need to display the search above the results, for example, "Listings: Executive Jobs," or Listings: $75k to $85k Jobs."

I've struggled with this all day and can't find a solution. :(

Is this something that can be done natively within EE or do I need something like Low Search?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

A visual that explains it all

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You can use search:field_name parameter to filter the entries. For job type, search:job_type="=[JOB TYPE]" for exact match.

For salary range, its needed if its numeric field so that you can use parameter like search:numeric_field=">=20" and search:numeric_field="<=20"

See documentation here.

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