EE2.9.2, Low Nice Date 2.2.1

Main template:

    memberDob="{cf_stual_date_of_birth timezone='Europe/London'}"
    courseStartDateUnix="{exp:low_variables:single var="lv_course_start_ba_mt" format='%U'}"

{cf_stual_date_of_birth} is a DropDate custom field - Value: 5th March 1998 {lv_course_start_ba_mt} is a Low variable Time Date field - Value: 30th September 2015 {lv_course_min_age_ba_mt} is a Low variable text field - Value: 21

I'm using an embed for other reasons. I've stripped lots of stuff out for this example.

Embedded Template: applications/_author_application_list

{exp:low_nice_date:range from="{embed:memberDob}" to="{embed:courseStartDateUnix}"}
    <p>{years} / {embed:minimumAge}</p>
    {if "{years}" >= "{embed:minimumAge}"}

This returns:

<p>17 / 21</p>

So it seems like the embed variables are working as the to and from values in the Low Nice Date tag but not in the conditional. Should this work? Is this a parse order issue? Any idea for a workaround?

I have tried using the CC Time Difference add-on as well but I ran into some other issues with that. This is the closest I've got to a working solution.

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It was a parse order issue and switching on Early Parsing in Low Variables for {lv_course_min_age_ba_mt} has fixed it.


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