I'm running Store 2.5.1 and EE 2.10.1. (Building locally.)

The {exp:store:cart} isn't displaying anything and the system doesn't seem to be adding products to the cart. The {exp:store:checkout} also turns up blank.

Also, there's no exp_store_carts table in my DB.

Not sure what could be causing this or how to fix.


If the carts table is missing from your install I would uninstall Store and reinstall Store. You should also be able to open up (if I am remember correctly) third_party/store/config/scheme.php to get the columns name/type/length/default values for the cart table and add it manually.

  • Weird. I uninstall and reinstalled and the table didn't get created. Did that twice. Then I opened up ../store/config/schema.sql and did a find for exp_store_carts but nothing is there. This is from a fresh download of Store 2.5.1. – Angie Herrera Aug 22 '15 at 16:07

Finally got this working. Had to save settings to ensure that the cart would work. That, and had to correct a bit of code on the cart/checkout page to get it working right.

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