Does EE stores all frontend login actions somewhere?

Checking in Control Panel > Tools > Logs > Control Panel I can see it lists all users that have logged into the CP but not the ones logged in using {exp:member:login_form} or {exp:zoo_visitor:login_form}.

I was thinking of creating an extension that logs all new sessions in a separate table but though it was worth asking here just in case is there an easier way.

Cheers, Al


Control Panel Logs is existed not just to show logged users but logged all critical activities(not only login) in CP. EE keeps this records in _cp_log table.

For front-end is not such functions from the box.

But you can try module called Audit Pro

Audit tracks:

Member Logins, including Control Panel & front-end

Member Logouts, including Control Panel & front-end

New Entries, including Safecracker

Updates to Entries, via the Publish screen or multiple entries via the >Edit screen, including Safecracker

Deleting Entries

New Members

Deleting Members

Editing of Members

Changing Templates (editing a template, not its preferences)

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  • Great, thanks Max! Audit Pro works like a treat for this specific needs – Alberto Sep 14 '15 at 5:37

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