I'm trying to create a Prev / Next navigation system using thumbnail images. The images for each entry are held in a four column matrix field (field_id = 8). I just want the first image held in the first column (col_id_38).

I'm using R.Sanchez's {exp:parse_file_paths} plugin to pull the image data without resorting to more embed or stashed lists.

Since {exp:channel:prev_entry} has to parsed outside of the {exp:channel:entries} tag, my current detail page template looks like this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="{segment_1}" disable="member_data|pagination" url_title="{segment_2}"}
    {stash:embed name="snippets:page-villanav" process="start" parse_depth="2"}

The stash:embed which looks like this:

{exp:channel:next_entry channel="{segment_1}" entry_id='{exp:transcribe:entry_ids channel="villa"}' parse="inward"}
    <div class="gallery">
       <a href="{path={segment_1}}">
       {title} // This is showing the correct Next entry title
       {exp:query sql="SELECT * FROM exp_matrix_data WHERE field_id = '8' && entry_id = '{entry_id}'"}
            {entry_id}          // This is showing the correct "Next" entry_id
                    {image_01}  // This is showing the current entry's image filepath. Not the "Next" entry's first image filepath.

The problem is that, despite the query displaying the "Next" entry_id, {exp:parse_file_paths} is pulling the first image from the matrix field for the "current" entry.

Any clues?

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Solved it:

{exp:query sql="SELECT col_id_38 AS file FROM exp_matrix_data WHERE entry_id = '{entry_id}'"}

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